Outsourcing Partner in Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machine Manufacturing


Our Profile

Manufacturing Services


  • General & Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Machine Manufacturer & Assembler
  • Laser Cutting
  • Product Development
  • Prototype Building
  • Site Installation
  •  Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Component Sourcing
  • Outsourcing Partner

Support Services


  • Engineering Design Services
  • Business Process Improvement Services
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Documentation Services
  • Quality Management
  • Marketing of your Products and Services

Industries Served


  • Global Manufacturer
  • Services & Outsourcing Partners
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Transportation, Defense & Aviation
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Hospitality & Public Services
  • Life Science & Medical Services
  • Global Sourcing Companies

Our Strength

Alliance with Companies


  • We alliance with best companies of various sizes to provide the best solution to customers

  • We are always looking for customers as well as suppliers. Please contact us if you think you have potential to supply in highly competitive market with best quality

Our Industrial Experts


  • We highly focused on Q-C-D (Quality, Cost and Deliverable)

  • We have individuals who are experts in the domain of manufacturing

  • We provide free consultancy to discuss your need and providing the perfect solution for your need

Projects Executed


  • From small sheet metal components to complex machine building

  • We maintain schedule for your JIT approach or your preferred option.

  • We are not only manufacturer but maintain full supply chain system for you including sourcing from LCCS


Business Partners in Outsource

8 Kincraig Road, Leicester, Leicester, LE4 7YB, United Kingdom

Email : bp.os@icloud.com Telephone : + 44 7825 393900 Skype : bgpanchal Website : www.bpos.in

Sheet metal fabrication, machine manufacturer & assembler in India for UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan and UAE customers.

We provide free consultancy to discuss your need and decide on engagement model, drop an email before you take any decision.

Send us an inquiry and our expert will get back to you in next 48 hours


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